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Here at Care Counselling we understand that everyone during their lifetime goes through difficult, stressful and anxiety provoking situations. These difficulties can sometimes resolve by themselves. However, if your problems have been ongoing for a long time, are affecting your ability to work or function day to day, or are impacting on your relationships with others, talking to a professional counsellor or therapist could be of benefit.

If you feel that talking to a professional would be beneficial we at Care Counselling would love to journey with you and support you in whatever way we can. You can refer into our service by filling out our referral form and someone will be in touch. All our counsellors are professional BACP Accredited or working towards their BACP Accreditation.

Unfortunately we cannot accept further referrals at this time


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Skainos Centre, 239 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1AF.

The sessions (each 50 minutes long) will be booked with your counsellor for the same day and time each week.

Your counsellor will decide on this after meeting with you. Please note availability of further sessions is also dependent on waiting list times.

Low mood, anxiety, grief and stress are some of the problems that may have an impact on day-to-day functioning, relationships and work and may benefit from counselling. Each person’s situation is unique so if you are unsure about counselling for you, using the self-referral form is a means to discuss this with a therapist.

What modality we use depends on what is best according to your need. The therapies include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

What our service users say

“Having psychological therapy made me realise that bottling up my feelings was not the way to go. Working with my therapist helped me feel I was not alone, that I was not going crazy and that there were things I could do to overcome the problems I was having.”

- Amanda, Belfast

“Cognitive behavioural therapy has really helped me to get my problems into perspective. I only wish I had known sooner that therapy would have such a positive impact on my life!”

- Paul, Belfast

“Therapy really helped me to learn to cope with the distress I was feeling and for the first time in a long time I began to see a future for myself.”

- Sarah, Castlereagh

Volunteering with us

Care Counselling occasionally offers clinical placements to counsellors in training.

To register your interest please send a C.V. to our Counselling Co-Ordinator.

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