Homelessness Prevention

Homelessness Services

At Hosford Homelessness Services we provide people with the building blocks to maintain their independence by offering homeless prevention services.  We support between 60 and 80 people each week to avoid homelessness. 95% of the people we support maintain their independence.

If you are concerned about your home or financial circumstances please get in touch. We are always here to support and provide advice.

Homelessness Prevention Services

Our Tenancy Support Service provides one-to-one support to people who have their own tenancy but are struggling and are at risk of homelessness. This service helps people to deal with any of the issues they face that could lead to homelessness including finances, employment, mental health, addictions, social isolation, life skills, education, and integration into a new community.

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing service provides one-to-one and group support to help people deal with their mental health and wellbeing. This is a flexible service which is tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

We deliver Health and Wellbeing Projects to help our clients learn new skills, develop friendships, and improve their wellbeing. These projects include working in our community garden, cooking, art and English classes, and cultural projects.

We provide direct resources to help people maintain their accommodation. This can include furniture, white goods, repairs, removal services, cleaning services, rent support, clothes and travel to access employment or volunteering. We can also provide IT equipment to tackle digital exclusion, or food hampers and toiletries when someone is in a financial crisis.
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