Get moving forward with Belfast Works Connect!

At East Belfast Mission we provide people who are facing economic inactivity with the building blocks they need to move forward with one-to-one mentoring, training courses and even long-term employment.

Economic inactivity is a government term to describe when someone is unable to work for many reasons.  This could be due to sickness, having young children at home, disability, young claimants who are not in education, or having caring responsibilities.

Our support covers all of Belfast and the North Down and the Ards Peninsula area so regardless of where you live there is support for you!

If you think we could support you please get in touch.

Karen's Story

Strength to strength

Karen joined Belfast Works Connect to support her son who had autism and had got into poor habits at home. By seeing her son get out, make friends and begin volunteering this also gave Karen the encouragement to do more for herself and the whole family is benefiting.

David's Story

Empowering People

David our Community Navigator explains a little of economic inactivity and how Belfast Works Connect Empowers people to make positive decisions in their own lives to complete training, make plans for the future and to create opportunities for themselves.

Christine & David's Story

Working together

Husband and wife, David and Christine, both joined Belfast Works together but received different plans as they had different needs. As they went on their separate journeys they had their personal needs catered for. Christine has reversed her diabetes, joined the gym and is attending regular Pilates and yoga classes. David is completing his essential skills and refreshing some of his education. Both are making great strides and are part of the EBM family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employability staff try to support everyone looking for employment. Currently we operate the Belfast Works Connect Project which supports people who are economically inactive; people who are not working and not claiming Job Seekers benefits or UC intensive work support. This can include people on carers allowance, parents with young children, sickness benefits etc.

Yes, the Belfast Works Connect project supports people from 16-64.

Access to support it based on having the right to work in the UK and also being economically inactive.

Yes, our team of experienced staff are always willing to help find the right solution for you. We work closely with a number of partners to support you in getting the correct service to suit your needs.

You are teamed up with a “connect navigator” who will work with you one to one, get to know what you need and start to plan any training courses and additional support you need.

We appreciate the difficulty of managing benefits and all the other life events that sometimes mean benefits are the best options for a person. We have a benefits advisor that provides confidential information each week and sometimes this is about making sure clients have claimed all they are entitled to. A lot of our clients join the project as a way of gaining more confidence, getting back into community groups and volunteering opportunities. Each client journey is unique and tailored to the person.
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