Hosford Community Homes

A Community-led Housing Response

The Hosford Model

Hosford Community Homes is a community led housing project which gives homeless people in East Belfast the building blocks they need to get on their feet and back into permanent accommodation.

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An individual suffering homelessness is identified or referred to Hosford and becomes a Hosford client.

Hosford Hostel

Emergency and temporary accommodation is offered by Hosford, giving the client shelter, security and the first building block to getting on their feet.

Hosford Apartment

The next building block is to provide the client with the pathway towards independent home rental or even ownership by offering supported short-term accommodation in a Hosford Apartment.

Hosford Community Homes

The lack of affordable housing is a major barrier to independent living. The Hosford Community Homes project is an innovative solution and final building block to provide longer-term tenancies to Hosford clients who are ready to take the next step, but are not able to afford independent rentals.

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