Job Vacancies at East Belfast Mission

About our job vacancies

East Belfast Mission employs over 90 staff and offers volunteering opportunities to over 140 people across a number of diverse job areas including Employability, Hosford, Refresh, Restore, Refurb, Recycle, Turas Irish language, counselling and Church and community.

We are committed to fair and equal treatment of all workers and applicants. These commitments are reflected through all aspects of engagement with us, whether someone is applying for a vacancy, or engaging with us either through paid employment or in a voluntary capacity. 

All opportunities are advertised on Community NI and on our website; monitoring forms are sent directly to

We pride ourselves on our diversity both in terms of how we operate and who engages with us whether it is paid either permanent full time, part time, contract, casual, or for those that are able to offer their time to us in a voluntary capacity. 

The Roles We Often Need

About Our Culture

Our people are our greatest asset, and the focus is very much on competencies and behaviours. Those that engage with us will be supported and treated with respect in a diverse and growing workforce. We look at the person, and how they can be of value to us, in all capacities.

Where the role allows, we can offer hybrid working but this is of course subject to the needs of the business. We can offer flexible contracts and the priority is very much on developing our staff outside of the responsibilities of the role. Our mission is to retain and engage our staff within the ethos of the Mission. This is a very exciting time for us as we look at engaging with bespoke training which will focus very much on both attracting and retaining the right people, in the right role with the right skills.

If you are interested in any or our paid or unpaid opportunities please feel free to contact us.

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